New York, New York

Manhattan Island — Wiki

Financial District (FiDi)

FiDi with BKLYN Bridge foreground
NYSE from steps of Federal Hall

WTC Memorial and Oculus

9/11 Memorial and Oculus in the background
Oculus Lobby
Tower One —looking up

High Line & Chelsea

Post Modern High Line
The Vessel at Hudson Yards, inspired by Step-Wells in India

Hudson Yards (HY)

A Walk along 42nd Street

Shearing the sky — Chrysler Building
Minerva and Hercules perch besides Mercury
Grand Central Concourse

Brooklyn (BKLYN)

BKLYN Heights, Brownstone-Row-houses, Stoops
Manhattan Bridge under construction — Wiki Photos
DUMBO & the Manhattan Bridge
Manhattan skyline — from BKLYN Bridge Park side

Statue of Liberty

Rockefeller Center

Flatiron Bldg (with some artistic liberties),

Flatiron building

Central Park

Untermyer Fountain — Central Park


Inverted Oatmeal Bowl?

Post scripted thoughts

Deserted Times Square




This is a place where I post essays and random musings.

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Ajay Goel

Ajay Goel

This is a place where I post essays and random musings.

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