Its 400 hundred years old, nine floored, imposing edifice, built on a bluff that soars over the city center with its upward tapering walls.
They constructed this shimmering white structure in 1991 with Japanese money, and it provides the best panoramic views of the city and surrounding mountains.

Day 2

Thikse — The stunner is often called Ladakh’s Patola Palace.
Hemis Courtyard
From a distance, they resemble rows of half-melted snowmen, crumbling white monuments, with the contours of once square bases, conical middles, and pointed tops now soft and imprecise. These chortens contain the remains of lamas and monks from the monastery attached to the palace, or members of the royal family and their possessions.

Day 3

Two humped Bactrian camels roam here, a legacy of 19th-century trade routes with Central Asia and China.
Diskit Monastery & Scree slopes

Day 4

Day 5 & 6

Day 7

Phyang -monks performing dances in colorful attire and monstrous masks
Given the right season and light conditions, the rivers show two distinct colors — the green-tinged Indus river that originates in the Tibetan Plateau near the Mansarovar range, and the gleaming blue Zanskar river has its source in the Zanskar valley.
Most of these monasteries continue to survive today because of the faith and determination of a few caretakers and monks who are happy to show a stray traveler around.

Day 8

Lamayuru's history dates back to the 11th century when a Buddhist scholar laid the foundation stone of a monastery here. It is believed that his prayers caused drying up a lake that fed an entire village; and because the water receded, the place got moonlike craters.

Day 10

Day 11

At the lakeside, we choose to stay in pucca rooms at Nomadic Campsite, with the comfort of hot water and en-suite bathrooms. Here the lake was far away, glistening like emeralds. Lush green fields of wheat lay between the camp and the lake.

Day 12

These festivals are a day out for the local village.

Day 13

Gata loops

Day 14

Day 15


Daily life

Religion & Philosophy

Modernity Vs Old culture

A difficult future?

Om Mahi Padma Hun — “the planet spins on faith.”




This is a place where I post essays and random musings.

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Ajay Goel

Ajay Goel

This is a place where I post essays and random musings.

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