BHUTAN — 1/2

The young king and Queen

Paro to Thimpu

Tall 108 wooden poles with white prayer flags erected to commemorate the dead


As the largest city and country’s capital, it has fewer people than what a Mumbai local train spits out every few minutes each day. And that counts for 115K — over 15% of the total population. It bears the ambiance and verve of a common hill town in India.

Nightfall at ‘Buddha Dordenma’, Thimpu

On the way to Punakha –Dochula Pass

The pass is at 10,000 feet offering a stunning 360-degree panorama of the Himalayan range. Here sit 108 (what else!) chortens as Martyrs’ Memorial, who fought against the Assamese separatists in 2003. They had warned us of the constant fog and limited visibility, but the Sun God was smiling–the air was cool and fragrant with cypress aroma. We have fun making frames with Jimmy and Dorji as models and then had some tea and noodles.

Jimmy & Dorji Modelling for us at Dochula Pass

Brief Detour to Suspension Bridge

High mountains and deep gorges of Bhutan lend themselves to suspension bridges. Punakha Bridge is one such noteworthy example — adorned with colorful prayer flags, 500 feet long, but not too wobbly.



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Ajay Goel

Ajay Goel

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