Baghdad by the Bay — San Francisco

The new and the old

Pre-Gold Rush

San Francisco in March 1847 had approximately 1,000 inhabitants–Image courtesy Library, Berkeley, CA

The Gold Rush Years

49ers arrive!

The Presidio

Palace of Fine Arts
Land's end labyrinth

The Mission

Old man in fedora — SF Mission

Robber Barons rise

California Street, Nob Hill
A poster showing the vice-like grip of the railroad monopoly on the west coast

The Chinese Dragon

The poster reads — “Why they can live on 40 cents a day… and they can’t,” i.e. white men can’t possibly compete with Chinese workers because they need to support their moral families.

Golden Gate Park

View from the top of De Young — city streets grid in the background

Ferry Building

1906 Earthquake and Fire

Ravages of 1906 fire — Courtesy California Views Archives

Golden Gate & Bay Bridge

WWII and the Japanese Chapter

Beatniks and Hippies

Vesuvio — the original haunt of Beats, North Beach
The Hippie era was a cultural H — bomb whose radiation spread far and wide.
Marriage solemnized at City Hall

Tech Boom & gentrification

Anti Gentrification Street Art, Mission

PS — Sonoma and Point Reyes

Raw and pristine — Point Reyes




This is a place where I post essays and random musings.

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Ajay Goel

Ajay Goel

This is a place where I post essays and random musings.

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